Student Support

Although each school has its particular needs and focus, I have found the following themes useful as a guideline in structuring school programmes:

  • Age 12-13 Year 8 Practical communication skills
  • Age 13-14 Year 9 Pressures in life
  • Age 14-15 Year 10 Connection and conflict
  • Age 15-16 Year 11 Relationship and gender issues
  • Age 16-18 Year 12 Life biographies and life purpose

Practical Communication Skills

Discovering what the effect of how we listen has on others, and learning ways of communicating that are more likely to serve our needs without creating conflict.

I have found that this workshop serves as a solid foundation for any group of any age wishing to connect on a more profound and insightful level.

Pressures in Life

Exploring the perceived pressures and expectations that young people face from school, home, their peers and themselves, and finding different ways to work with them.

Connection and Conflict

Looking at the basis of friendships and relationships and exploring ways to work with conflict where it arises in different areas of life.

Relationship and Gender issues

What helps and hinders a relationship is explored in terms of self, partners, family, and gender expectations, and gaining new skills to help create sustaining relationships.

Life Biographies and Life Purpose

This provides an opportunity to look at and share each person’s particular journey on this planet so far. By acknowledging the gifts and the challenges that have been presented through different people and events, discovering a real sense of purpose becomes more possible.

Staff Support

A variety of training for staff is offered in communicating with students, parents and colleagues, dealing with conflict situations that arise at schools, issues that hamper learning environments and dealing with stress in the work place.

Parent Support

A variety of workshops are offered for parents dealing with children of different ages, such as how to communicate with your child or adolescent, how to approach conflict situations that arise, how to ensure that both parent and child get their needs met.

  • Mirjam Macleod, Parent
    Spending Mothers Day doing the Dave Garb Workshop was perhaps the finest gift I could have wished for this year. David took us on a very challenging and creative journey towards ourselves: so that we could rest assured in the knowledge that setting boundaries for our children did not require endless reading of child-rearing manuals but just a listening to our very own hearts. By acknowledging and learning what it was that we truly felt we could then creatively and mirthfully set the boundaries necessary for our children's well being. Thank you to those who organised it and thank you again to Dave for a wonderful and inspiring workshop,
    Mirjam Macleod, Parent
    Cape Town
  • Brendon L
    On behalf of my class, I would like to thank you or whoever it may concern for organizing the few days we could spend with David Garb. I personally enjoy the sessions with David very much and I think that every high school class should spend at least a couple of days with David each year.
    Brendon L
    New Zealand
  • Anton G
    A great sage once said, " If I am not for myself, who will be for me..." I think these are the words that have impacted me the most from today's lesson in life. Words cannot express my appreciation for sending the whole of grade 11 on the "Getting to know yourself..." seminar. I have been on many of these seminars and have been to many motivational lectures and trust me when I say that not one of them have come anywhere close to this one. I am still finding it hard to believe that the people who opened up and shared with us their thoughts where the same people I have grown up with and whom I consider to be some of my best friends. I think this course made us realise that how privileged we are to be in a school like Herzlia, I am almost sure that no other school in the Cape has or is going to send an entire year group consisting of+- 150 impressionable minds on such a crucial course. It taught us many skills that can help us to build and re-enforce friendships and also to look at things in life with a different perspective, be it at home or in school. I think this course could not have come at a better time in our lives, we are at a stage where we are going through a lot of stress and I think we have all blown things out of proportion. I also think it was the right age for such a course, however I do think the course should be a day longer or even half a day. I think that it should be repeated next year just to see the progress, impressions and even new friendships it created amongst the pupils. The seminar would be more effective if teachers and possibly parents of the school went on it, I think they are the ones that could benefit the most from it. As you are aware we students do not have the longest concentration span and usually take such programs as a free day and a waste of time, but to see a class eager to stay at school after the bell rang just goes to show what an impression David has left on his students.
    Anton G
    South Africa
  • Justen
    I am writing to you in connection with the seminar held by Mr. David Garb. As you know I am in grade 11. 1 am thankful for this seminar my only regret is that it has been so long delayed! This letter is coming as a plea to introduce Mr. Garb's seminar earlier and more frequently. In one year's time I shall be leaving this school and there are certain realities I will have to face about the things that I have been taught: The skills that were imparted to me by Mr. Garb are not only useful for my future life, they are crucial! I, on behalf of the members of grade 11B and myself, urge you to make use of Mr. Garb's talents on a regular basis and a frequent one at that. Never before have I witnessed camaraderie between my classmates as I saw last Wednesday. Math, Science, Computers, History, Biology, etc. all of these subjects are important. I doubt any degree in those fields will prepare one more than the above-mentioned seminar. It is common knowledge that I am a skeptic and I have extensive experience with therapy and derivatives thereof. Yet I believe save for my birth and learning to read, there has never been a more impacting situation than Mr. Garbs seminar I attended. Once again I urge you to consider this request. I also advise you to prepare yourself for more letters of this kind. I thank you for introducing the opportunity of the seminar to us in the first place and for your understanding.
    South Africa
  • Jacqui C
    I am writing this letter to you in connection to the "David Garb Seminar". I think it is important for you to know how everyone in the Grade 11 year group thoroughly enjoyed it- hence the letter! It is very difficult to explain in writing just how amazing the seminar was. In my opinion, words will most certainly do it a disservice but I will try as best as possible. I think it is safe to say that David connected well with everyone in the group. You got the impression that he was able to understand us, knew exactly what we were thinking and knew exactly what problems, us as teenagers are going through without dramatizing it. He established a relationship with us all that we felt free to speak without feeling self-conscious of what we had to say. For me personally, it has honestly had a deep impact on me. It made us look inside ourselves and ask ourselves the obvious questions such as: What are our passions? What are our fears? Our class (11B) has definitely bonded even more since this experience. I really feel that we are much closer and I look at people in a different light. All I can say is "WOW" thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to experience something so unique and special. It has really touched me in such a way!!! I strongly suggest that if possible, this once in a life time opportunity be given to the Grade 11s in the years to come!
    Jacqui C
    South Africa
  • Nicholas 
    I was privileged to be able to attend Mr. David Garb's life-changing, intriguing and remarkable seminar whilst in Grade 11 at Herzlia High School. We were informed by our school that we will be having a seminar. Naturally, most people were excited because it was a day off from classroom work. We certainly didn't know what we were in for. From the moment I walked into the classroom, I felt a real sense of uncertainty as I did not know what to expect. Dave instilled a sense of respect, dignity and honour amongst ourselves. During the seminar, some cried, some had tears in their eyes and some were just speechless. It was clear that Dave's seminar had reached places that had never been seen within ourselves, places which we never dreamed of exploring. We dealt specifically with conflict resolution and how to deal with issues that are underlying and worrying us. Also problems we face in our high school years. At the end of the day once we were at least 20 minutes late, their was a sense of fulfilment and achievement. We all felt closer as a class and definitely spoke about it for months to come. David taught us to get real and confront problems, conflicts and things that need to be processed. The group work really made us all open up and comfortable to speak our minds. I was privileged to meet David never mind have a whole seminar with him. I recommend this course highly to anyone who wants to grow and 'get real' - it is truly something that will stay with you for life.
    Cape Town, SA
  • Year 9 student from Queensland, Australia
    What is respect? A difficult question, the answer of which often varies from person to person. I think, however, the answer is simple. It's whatever David Garb gets from a group of twelve or so grade nine teenagers. I personally am a little apprehensive when mention of a counsellor comes up. My brain goes, ‘Social worker! Hide!’. However, I think he is among an elite few that pulls away all emotional walls and demands respect, without making one actual demand. Spending the day with my class in an environment such as the one he forms was, as always, very enlightening and fun. The sense of safety and confidence he creates within a room makes one feel as though no judgments are being made by anyone, and for once in your life, you can be who you want, without worrying about what others think. David Garb creates balance of fun, discussions, and therapeutic exercises that keeps one interested and engaged throughout the entire session, allowing everyone to get as much as they can from it. As with all counselling, it takes a good counsellor, and a person willing to let themselves learn – sessions with David Garb are no different – however, he makes you want to learn, listen, and participate. I enjoyed every moment of the session grade nine had with him just recently. In fact, I was sad to go to lunch breaks, and to leave at the end of the day!
    Year 9 student from Queensland, Australia
    YEAR 13 WORKSHOPS WITH DAVID GARB – REFLECTION FROM ST ANDREWS COLLEGE Early in February 2011 Year 13 year group attended a workshop with renowned therapist and lecturer David Garb. We were all eager to meet the man behind the mystery that our predecessors had reported as being a highlight of their year. As a year group we found the nights both emotional and inspirational, this brought us together as a whole and helped us to better understand each other’s needs. Personally, we found the evenings fulfilling and enjoyable, stretching our trust in each other and our perceptions of our social boundaries. We both had an experience we will never forget, and we learnt valuable life skills along the way. Overall attending the workshop with David Garb was an amazing experience and set us off in good stead for the rest of the year.
  • Lydia Milner
    The workshop you held for us was an interesting and emotional experience that proved to be successful for both me and my year group. I believe your air of experience was extremely comforting and enabled me to share things with girls I am not close with. I found the whole day to be beneficial for our year group and am certain it will ensure that I am a better year thirteen leader in 2012.
    Lydia Milner
  • Lydia McIntosh
    In regard to our year 12 leadership day I would like to thank you for encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone and interact with people I normally wouldn’t.
    Lydia McIntosh
  • Anna Sands.
    Our year group has become more considerate of one another and are able to understand where others are coming from and what they are going through.
    Anna Sands.
  • Megan McKay
    The knowledge you shared with us on Friday was amazing and has taught me to appreciate everyone and has brought our whole year group closer,
    Megan McKay
  • Christina Greenwood
    Thank you for coming to help our year group to become closer and prepare us with skill for year 13 and for the future. I believe it has be beneficial to us and I defiantly enjoyed the day. You do remarkable work and I greatly appreciate you coming.
    Christina Greenwood
  • Emily
    Thanks for taking the time to spend with our year group on Friday. It was much needed and from what I see has made a difference. It was an emotional day, but we all pulled through. Thanks for making us a stronger year group.
  • Poppy
    I enjoyed the day that we spent with you in your workshop. It was cool that our year group could get to know each other better and understand a little more about what each other was going through.
  • Shannon
    found it really beneficial at the end of the day when we were all able to get up and share our personal stories with our year group. It was really nice to know other people were going through the same things that I am going through.
  • Ziah.
    I would like to thank you very much for helping me with my self confidence and confidence in front of others. I really enjoyed the whole day. I especially appreciated the open chair activity. This allowed me to express how I felt at a personal level. I will take all of your advice on board and remember the day forever.
  • Claudia
    Thank you for the day. It was fun and emotional and it helped me.
  • Tilly
    When I walked in there were so many people and many I didn’t even know their names or know them at all. Through out the day I met several people. I ended up meeting and getting to do things I wouldn’t usually do. I spent time with an international girl. I would like to thank you for encouraging me to bring me out of my comfort zone and talk to people I didn’t know. I felt very scared but proud when I spoke in front of the year group. Thank you for opening the doors to our year group from being a loose group to a tight and family like year group.
  • Holly Geddes
    Thank you so much for your special day. I think it has benefited our year group in a huge way and it helped me to understand people in my year group. I got to interact with people I usually wouldn’t interact with and took a step out of my comfort zone. I would like to thank you for bringing us together as a year group.
    Holly Geddes
  • -
    I just wanted to write you an email to thank you so so so much for coming and speaking to us Year 12 SMC Girls last Friday. This meant so much to all of us! When we first got told about the day, we couldn't wait for it to be over. We thought it would be just like the last few camps with team building, teachers etc. But you were real! You spoke our language and genuinely cared! You made us feel so relaxed and comfortable and that really got to us, you truly wanted to help. I have to admit, when you put the chair out for girls to sit on and to 'confess', I didn't think anyone would do it. But when people started to go up, I felt more comfortable with the idea so decided to myself. The anniversary of my friend's death is coming up and I finally think I can try and let her go - thank you for giving me that ability. Again, I can't thank you enough!!! :) Please, please! Please join us again next year, we would be more than happy to see you again! Thank you so very much, you have made such a difference.
  • Alice
    Thank you for the amazing day, it was really enjoyable and I feel I have grown as a person from this experience. You have really opened my eyes to the people around me. thank you so much.
  • Zoe
    I felt the course really helped our year group become more considerate of each other and open up and apologize on or express how we are feeling.
  • Tabby
    I feel like your workshop really helped me to understand my peers better. I feel like I can try and trust them with personal things.
  • Holly
    Thank you very much for the day that you provided for us. I felt that it really helped a lot of people and allowed people to open up help them have a understanding of what others are experiencing In their lives that a lot of people don’t know about.
  •   Amber Cooke
    I would like to thank you for an excellence day. This session helped me personally by helping me connect with others in year group that I would not have attempted to before, or tried to understand their personality. It also gave me a different respect for my fellow peers. Many thanks for a great session. It was enlightening.
      Amber Cooke
  • Godwin Shorland
    It’s been a few months now since you were last over at the school, and I still can’t thank you enough for your counselling to our class and me individually over the last few years. I honestly can say that although we have only spent short periods of time together every year, your ability to make me feel so comfortable, relaxed and happy to discuss things I was going through at the time (both positive and negative), is amazing and simply unprecedented. Your means to see me as a person I can immediately relate to is impeccable — I feel you truly can relate to me. It is without doubt that I say I hold you in the highest of esteems; there is no one else I know of that possess the wisdom and capacity to suggest a solution to every quandary I have come across in my life. I take my hat off to you David, thank you so much for what you have done in assisting me in my adolescent years.  
    Godwin Shorland
    Noosa, Australia
  • J. Griffiths
    David presented the girls with a series of workshops during the day, in which it became increasingly apparent that many of the established friendship groups were willing to leave the security of their 'cliques' in order to explore the possibility of working with other girls in the year group.This breakdown of the friendship group barriers has continued as the school year has got under way and it is heart-warming to see so many students interacting with 'new' friends in the common room. A well worthwhile day and a great investment in the social development of our students.
    J. Griffiths
    Rangi Ruru School
  • Vicky A McLennan
    Please accept my grateful thanks for your invaluable contribution to Leadership Week. It was a privilege to watch you work and an extraordinary experience to witness the progress of individual students as well as the bonding of the year group. The evaluation forms completed by the students clearly show that your sessions were the highlight of the Leadership Week for all of them and many have requested the opportunity to work with you again next year. Without your contribution, Leadership Week would not have been such a meaningful and effective program. I have no doubt the students will enter their final year at St Andrew's College as more sensitive individuals and as a more positive and cohesive year group. This is due in no small part to what you showed them on those magical days. Once again, congratulations on your professionalism and your profound effectiveness as a communicator and a human being. I have no doubt popular acclaim will have you back at St Andrew's College early in the new year.
    Vicky A McLennan
    Head of Senior College, New Zealand