October 11, 2023


By David Garb It is not an easy thing to find real ways of connecting with people around us. For young people, their ways of connecting are usually governed by what is acceptable among their peers, or what they have learned or had modelled at home by their parents or guardians. Learning to feel safe in a group, safe enough to express ourselves without fear of ridicule, humiliation or judgment is rare. When it is […]
October 11, 2023


A PERSPECTIVE ON THE ROLL OF COUNSELLING WITH YOUTH TODAYBY DAVID GARB INTRODUCTION What is the purpose of counselling in the Michaelic Age? Why has this impulse become more and more prevalent and an integral part of our present existence? In the resounding statement, “Humanity, Know Thyself”, it can perhaps be seen as the essential impulse behind a new way of discovering the essence of who we are and our purpose of being.   As […]
October 11, 2023

Why Workshops?

A new awareness and an urge to explore is born in young people from age 13 onwards. They learn to deal with different events and pressures through hit or miss situations. Our education systems are rarely designed to deal with issues that simply do not fit into academic programs. Pressures on educators restrict the energy and time needed to deal with these issues adequately. Many of the problems that arise during adolescence can be alleviated […]