Student Support

Although each school has its particular needs and focus, I have found the following themes useful as a guideline in structuring school programmes:

  • Age 12-13 Year 8 Practical communication skills
  • Age 13-14 Year 9 Pressures in life
  • Age 14-15 Year 10 Connection and conflict
  • Age 15-16 Year 11 Relationship and gender issues
  • Age 16-18 Year 12 Life biographies and life purpose

Practical Communication Skills

Discovering what the effect of how we listen has on others, and learning ways of communicating that are more likely to serve our needs without creating conflict.

I have found that this workshop serves as a solid foundation for any group of any age wishing to connect on a more profound and insightful level.

Pressures in Life

Exploring the perceived pressures and expectations that young people face from school, home, their peers and themselves, and finding different ways to work with them.

Connection and Conflict

Looking at the basis of friendships and relationships and exploring ways to work with conflict where it arises in different areas of life.

Relationship and Gender issues

What helps and hinders a relationship is explored in terms of self, partners, family, and gender expectations, and gaining new skills to help create sustaining relationships.

Life Biographies and Life Purpose

This provides an opportunity to look at and share each person’s particular journey on this planet so far. By acknowledging the gifts and the challenges that have been presented through different people and events, discovering a real sense of purpose becomes more possible.

Staff Support

A variety of training for staff is offered in communicating with students, parents and colleagues, dealing with conflict situations that arise at schools, issues that hamper learning environments and dealing with stress in the work place.

Parent Support

A variety of workshops are offered for parents dealing with children of different ages, such as how to communicate with your child or adolescent, how to approach conflict situations that arise, how to ensure that both parent and child get their needs met.